Instant credit with lightning transfer.


Demo Lender banks usually transfer an instant loan within two bank working days. The Lite lender company is an additional banking service and is officially referred to as Prior 1 transfer. It is received in the recipient’s bank account within a few minutes.

The instant loan is ideal when money is needed quickly

The instant loan is ideal when money is needed quickly

The application for an instant loan with lightning transfer is useful if the borrower needs the money quickly. For the fast money transfer, there are additional costs of at least fifteen euros, which the borrower has to pay in addition to the usual loan costs. The Lite lender company accelerates the cash payment by a single bank working day, since the credit is provided and customary within the bank day following the transfer. A financial institution licensed in Germany can release the money for an instant loan with lightning transfer as soon as the receipt for the postident procedure has been received in addition to the completed and signed loan application.

It follows from the regulation on identity verification that a day usually passes between the application for a loan and the transfer. Acceleration is possible if the bank’s loan applicant is already known from a previous business relationship and the postident procedure is therefore not necessary. Taking out an instant loan is ideal for applicants whose income consists of various components. In order to enable the quick payment of money, various lenders refrain from submitting wage slips. Credit customers are not allowed to deliberately give false salary information, but can add up all income components without the bank reducing the labor income relevant for the household account by not recognizing individual items.

A Infra banking license enables even faster cash payments

A Luxembourg banking license enables even faster cash payments

Financial institutions licensed in Infra can pay off an instant credit application with a wire transfer immediately upon receipt of the credit application so that their customers receive the money they want within a few hours. The reason for the simplification of loan processing is that a Infra banking license allows the recognition of a copy of the identity card as proof of identity.

Despite the desired fast cash payment, loan seekers carry out a price comparison online in order to receive a cheap instant credit with lightning transfer. The additional performance of the fast payment leads to an increased interest rate in the case of instant loans compared to loans with a normal processing time. This is not too high if the borrower invests the time to compare the borrowing costs before submitting the loan application.